elegant parasols and tough grandmothers

Both of us were fascinated with beautiful parasols made by Iida Kasaten

We came to like same pattern.Unfortunately,the color was same,blue.We tried it in turn and talked about which of us should buy,but neither anna nor I bought it after all.We might have given way to each other.

Next,we went Shashin Bijutsukan(the museum of photography)called Syabi.

"My Grandmothers" is the project which visualize young women's ideal  herself 50 years later. All these fictional grandmothers looked difficult to deal with,but they seemed to have absolute independent mind.That's why I like them. I am interested in their young days.

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  1. um, yes, about that blue umbrella....
    i've got something to tell you. ahem.

    see you later in the week.