they have a lift

we had a nice lunch on tatami in the Japanese style restaurant,but i was concerned about Anna's legs were too long to sit on tatami.besides,they used not table but tray with legs(zen),that's too low for my tall friend......   

and then,we went the exhibition of Norichika Kitamura in Waseda. we met him kappan dekoboko festival. 

the exhibition title was skirt,so i went there putting on the skirt,but Anna wore culottes.

i was so impressed by this exhibition.i realized the subtle beauty of silhouette again becauce of his works.the place was also interesting.the gallery was once used as book binder's factory according to him.actually,there was a lift in Lift.

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  1. daijyobu yo!
    i was okay sitting on the tatami. it's just when i try to walk afterwards, for a few steps i look like otoshiyori.